Global Game Jam Hamar

Most of you might already be familiar with Global Game Jam, but for those who aren’t, here’s a small excerpt from their website - - giving you the gist of it:

“The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development.”

Every year for the past 10 years Hamar has been one of those physical jam locations. With over 200 participants, it stands as Norway’s biggest Global Game Jam location. You can read more about GGJ Hamar and try games from the past jams here.

The next Global Game Jam will take place January 25 - 27, 2019, and we don’t want to break tradition. Hamar Game Collective (HGC) has been, and still are, organizing Global Game Jam Hamar, but to do this they need volunteers to help them out.
If you just want to participate - tickets will become available later.
If you’d like to volunteer - keep on reading!